Thursday, April 21, 2016

Organizational Thursday????

Is being organized over rated?  Maybe for some maybe not for others.  A day like today for me, yes it is so over rated!  Migraine, knees hurting from arthritis, (please come rain!)  I wished that I was organized every day, but that is not realistic.  Sometimes I think it would be so very nice to have someone to come in and get everything organized, but will it stay that way?  My kitchen looked so good yesterday, but today not so much.  I cooked, and cooked and cooked again so now it looks like a storm has went through it (it has it was "Diane")

I have downsized our "stuff" to help cut out clutter and dust (bad for allergies).  I had to get rid of clothes that are now too big (dairy-free living~allergy to milk kept me so bloated and water weight that I did not realize).

I hear the thunder finally starting to come so maybe I will get some relief in my knees!

We only have two years left of school so I guess we can start thinking about what books bug doesn't need for his Junior and Senior year..

So really being organized and getting organized is never over!  It is an on going process.

Enjoy those around you and don't get overwhelmed about being organized.  Just don't let your "stuff" own you.

Enjoy the day!

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