Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Plan and Thursday Organization!

Wow, I thought the daylight time savings was crazy.  Changing your work schedule is really crazy!  It is good though.  Bug and I like the night shift to do homeschool and hubby seems to be doing good.  We usually don't take a break for summer, I think this year we may take a month off.  I need to get my "Craft Studio" upstairs so I can start creating again.  I also want to get into a steady blogging schedule and be more productive.  It has been so quiet and also lonely without baby bug around, but the great-grand parents are enjoying her now. 

I am looking for ideas on what to blog about.

1.  Crafting - Wednesday

2.  Homeschooling - Friday

3.  Dairy-free living - Tuesday

4.  Weekly Bible study  - Monday

5.  Organization - Thursday

This is my list so far and this may just be my list to get me started.

Make a plan, make a list, make a target date, then get started.

So today is Thursday (I think) so today is organization.

Do you NEED it?  If "NO" then donate or sell it.  You might need it?  Keep it in sight for 6 weeks, if you haven't used it (except for seasonal items) donate or sell it.

I have cleaned out my "stuff" over the past few years to help with dust in the house to help out my allergies.  I agree with the less is best motto!

Okay CRAFTERS this is for you, I mean me.  Yes the paper is very pretty!  Why keep it in storage?  Make a card, scrapbook, 3-D item or donate or sell it.  I have a very hard time with this.  Have you bought a stamp, stamp set, accessory and haven't used it?  Donate or sell.

Hope you will find this all useful.

Thanks for stopping by!

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