Friday, April 8, 2016

Homeschool Friday

Happy Friday!  Today is all about homeschooling.  Right now it is just the beginning of our day.  Bug has already got Bible Study and more History done, now it is time to work on his driving training reading. ( Friday is our game day, catch up day.)  He didn't need to get caught up on anything, he worked really hard this week.    Notice that I said "more" history, he loves history, so any chance he gets he is watching or reading about history.  It isn't what public schoolers consider "history".  Trains is a big part of his history, lately he has been watching and researching German History also.  Our schedule looks like this; we do not do all subjects daily instead we do one subject per day.  This was bug's choice, he felt like he could do and learn more by not being limited by a time-frame.

Monday:  History
Tuesday:  Bookkeeping (real life math, he already finished Algebra a couple of years ago)
Wednesday:  Science
Thursday:  English/Literature/Grammar
Friday:  Driver's Training, Catch up day, game day.

He is almost done with this school year.  We do not take breaks, when we need time off we take it but that doesn't happen very often.  We have had family in the hospital for a length of time, we were there with the and took our school with us. 

I just got my new 2016-2017 WELL PLANNED DAY planner.  I have used it since we started homeschooling,  Bug is using the High School Planner (it last all four years).  I also have the "Blog Planner" and "On the Go Planner".

Joining HEDUA has benefits so helpful to homeschoolers.  I also highly recommend joining Home School Legal Defense , this has been our best investment by far.

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