Friday, April 15, 2016

Homeschool Friday

Happy Friday! (okay it's officially Saturday, but still my Friday)  What a fast week.  Bug has been learning a lot about Germany this week.  Well, we have decided to take a break maybe until June; but we never really stop learning.  I checked his days of  "school" and as of last Friday he had 198.  So this week he started his Junior year, yikes!  I think he deserves a break even though  I know he will still do some form of "school".  That is one thing that I really love about homeschooling!

We have been going to Walmart to do "math", it is so nice to go at ten or eleven when it is pretty empty.  We have been checking out prices and comparing with Schnucks an Aldi's.  Checking out unit pricing to see what is the better buy.  Menu planning has been a little difficult trying to figure out what and when to eat.

Thanks for stopping by tonight!

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