Friday, January 29, 2016

Boring Week?

This has been a boring week.  Well, I thought so, school went so smoothly, I had set up the full month of lesson plans for Buggie and even with having water flooding my laundry room downstairs from the ice maker in the refrigerator upstairs freezing up (wait I thought it was boring but now that I look back at it is has been far from boring!) he has sailed through without any hesitation. High School is so much easier than the earlier grades.  Baby Bug has been so sweet and all cuddly, even with her terrible two's attitude from time to time, still it has been an easier week than usual.  I have had a lot of allergy attacks, problems with my asthma and knees, and sinus (but that is my normal).

Today we made home made yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls, they were so good. I am pretty pleased with this  being my first attempt.  (Having an allergy to milk~dairy makes eating normal pretty rough.)  Monday we made homemade Hawaiian pizza.  Buggie gets to learn how to make home made meals, surprisingly it is not that hard to cook from scratch and it is a lot of fun! (I think)

Monday or Tuesday I will be getting my next order from Stampin' Up.  I can not wait, I ordered some stuff to make Valentine's with.  (and I am not a Valentine kinda gal)  Some of the cards and decorations that I have seen I can not wait to copy.

I am really liking my Big Shot, but I still love ALL of my Cricuts,  I like having something mobile so if I can not make it down the stairs I can have Buggie bring my Big Shot upstairs and I can do crafting without waking up Baby Bug.

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