Monday, December 29, 2014

Just checking in

Just a quick post, things have been crazy.  I am watching my precious granddaughter about 12 hours a day now so I haven't been on the computer.  I have had two teeth break off and had to get them fixed and then I ended up having to have a root canal.  Then my dad went to the hospital at 1:30 AM Christmas Eve morning and came home the day after Christmas at 4:00PM to no electricity (there was an accident in front of their house the day before and the electric pole had to be replaced) so I brought them to my house and they finally got to go home about 6 that night. 

So January 5th we will start our school back; now I need to figure out how to get everything in my schedule.  I think I will post on here about our homeschooling day too. (So look for a change in my blog name.)  We only have four short years left and then Jr. will be off to the working world.  He has been such a huge help with everything going on here.  We took off "formal" studies (instead of summer break we do winter break and it was a good thing this year)  He has done a lot of real life learning.  House work, cooking, cleaning, helping with a 16 month old and his grandparents.  But that is what we do, we do for others; it makes us happy!

I am planning to join a couple of blog hops so I can get back to my crafting, card making and hopefully I can start scrapbooking.  Only 30 years behind.  I haven't sent cards to my church family in a while either.

I am also going to share about my dairy-free living now.  So lots to be getting done, wish me luck!

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